Casino Bonus

Almost all casinos offer one or several casino bonuses. Their shape and form varies a lot between different casinos. Some casinos offer only a very small bonus while other give you many thousands.

What is a Casino bonus

A casino bonus is an extra incitement that the casino give you to reward certain behaviors. The most well known bonus is the welcome bonus but casinos do give out bonuses for a long row of different reasons. A casino bonus will usually give you a large addition to your bankroll. Some casinos prefer to give you free spins rather than cash and you can see all the free spins offers at CasinoGuide that also show all the extra cash deposit bonuses.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is the most well known type of casino bonus. The welcome bonus is a bonus you get when you deposit money to your account for the first time. How much money you get usually depends on how money you deposited. The more money you deposit the bigger bonus you get. There us usually a limit to how much money you can get as a bonus.

The bonus is usually written as the percentage you get on your first deposit. A casino might offer a bonus worth 250% up to $500. This means that the maximum amount that you can get as a bonus is $500. To get that you need to deposit $200 when you make your first deposit. 250% of $200 is $ 500. If you deposit $200 you would end up with $700 to play for.

Some casinos give you a bonus not only on your first deposit but also on the following deposits as well. How many deposit you get bonus on varies from casino to casino.

Other types of bonuses

Casinos offer a number of different types of bonuses. New types are regularly invented. Some examples of common types of bonuses include:

  • No deposit bonus – A bonus you get without having to deposit any money.
  • Reload bonus – A bonus you get when you add new money to your account.
  • Log in Bonus – A bonus you get by logging in on a certain day.
  • Loyalty bonuses – bonus awarded to active loyal players.
  • New game bonuses – You get a bonus, usually free spins, to be able to try a new game
  • Bust bonus – A bonus you get when luck haven’t been on your side and you have lost all your money.

free bonusWager requirement

All, or at least almost all, casino bonuses are associated with wager requirements. It is common that you are unable to withdraw any money from your account until this wager requirement has been met. It is very important that you check exactly which rules that are associated with the bonus you are about to accept. If you do not you might end up in a situation where your money is locked in your account until you can reach a high wager requirement.

How high the wager requirement is can vary a lot. More generous casinos have a wager requirement around x25 of the bonus. Less generous Casinos have wager requirements of around x40. A very low number of casinos have no wager requirement at all. They usually offer very small bonuses.

It is not only the multiplier that decides how much money you have to wager before you meet the requirement. It also depends on what value the wager requirement is based on. Some casino base the requirement on the bonus alone while other count it on the total value of the bonus and deposit. The second type is considerable less favorable to you as a player.

If you received $500 as a bonus and the wager requirement is x40 then you need to wager a total of 20 000 before you are free to take out your money.

Unfortunately things get a little more complicated by the fact that a number of games seldom count with their full value towards the wager requirement. Games such as BlackJack, Roulette and Baccarat usually only count with a fraction of their value towards the wager requirement. Or not at all.

It is common that these games only count by 10% of the actually bet value. This means that you will need to bet ten times more than the official bet requirement if you play these games a lot. The $20 000 requirement all of the sudden turns into a $200 000 wager requirement if you play these games. It can often be best to not accept any bonus at all if your plan is to primarily play these games.

Always read the fine print before you accept a bonus. It is always possible to contact the customer service and tell them that you do not want the bonus. That they should remove it from the account. This can sometimes be the best option.

It is very important that you contact the customer service and get the bonus removed before you do any gambling. Once you started gambling with the bonus in your account it is impossible to remove it.