Day of 5/4/2004

Important Totals

Item Accesses Bytes Visits Charts
Overall Accesses 28 380,967 8 View Chart
Home Page Accesses 7 103,213 0 View Chart

Executive Summary

The web site received 8 visits. A typical visitor examined 3.20 documents before leaving the site. A typical visit lasted for 1.00 minutes. The longest visit lasted for 3 minutes.

The web server was visited by 0 distinct users, as determined by individual user-identifying "cookies."

Visitors came from 15 distinct Internet addresses.

The web server delivered 14 unique documents one or more times each.

3 distinct types of documents were delivered.

The web server was visited by 0 distinct authorized users. Authorized users are required to log into the web server with a specific name and password.

0 distinct Internet web sites were accessed via the proxy server.

There were 1 requests for documents which did not exist on the web server. The web server was linked to by 6 distinct pages on other web servers.

The web server was linked to by one or more pages found on 3 distinct web sites.

0 distinct search keywords were used to locate documents on the web server via Internet search servers, such as Altavista(tm) and Yahoo(tm).

0 distinct Internet search servers were used to reach the site.

Visitors used 9 distinct web browsers and other web access programs to reach the web server. Visitors used 12 distinct operating systems on their computers. Visitors followed a total of 1 distinct, non-trivial "trails" among the documents found on the web server.

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