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Casino Offers

casino offersThe online casino business is a cutthroat business and the casinos are competing furiously with each other to attract customer to their casino. They do this by trying to build the best possible casino and by offering a generous welcome bonus. Many of the top casinos also offer regular special casino offers that are valid during a limited time. These offers tend to be designed to attract new players and to get their existing members to stay around.

Most top tier casinos are constantly offering new campaigns. They usually add new campaigns and casino offers every week. The casino offers very a lot in their design and their generosity. Common types of offers includes time limited tournaments, free spins and contest where you can win fabulous prizes. It is very common that the casinos give their members chance to win vacations to nice tropical destinations. All players who have played during a special period is usually eligible to win these prizes.

Finding the best casino offers

It can be hard to find the latest and best casino offers as new campaigns are launched every single day. As an individual it is almost impossible to keep up to with all the different campaigns. You can make it easier by signing up to the newsletter at as many casinos as possible. It will however still be a chore. Luckily there are others that are happy to make the work for you. There are a number of websites that goes through all the daily campaigns and post the very best. Websites that always feature the latest bonus information for all the most popular casinos.

Casino Bonuses

free bonusBonuses are one of the main promotion tools of many online casinos. They feature their bonuses prominently in all their advertising. This is bad for a number of reasons. Offering a big matching bonus can lure players into depositing more money than they can afford to deposit in order to get the maximum bonus. Attracting people with generous bonuses also increase the risk that they will attract people that are prune to developing gambling disorders. Problem gambling can be a terrible disease that hurt the addict, his family and society as a whole. Some casinos such as Swedish have stopped offering cash bonuses. They do this as a way to promote responsible gaming.

Another problem with casino bonuses and how they are used in advertising is that they get new players to choose a casino based on the size of the bonus. The bonus is not a good factor to use to choose a casino. The size of the bonus has no direct correlation with the quality of the casino. New players should try to find the best possible casino. Not the casino that offer the biggest bonus. The gambling experience will be better in a good casino and you will enjoy the games more if you choose yo play in the best casino you can find regardless of the size of the welcome bonus.

Free spin

It is very common that different online casinos offer free spins to their members. A free spin allows you to play a single spin on a slot for free. The free spins are usually played with a low bet value. Free spins are usually tied to a specific slot machines. They can only be used to play that specific slot machine. Some free spins can be used in a number of different slot machines.

A casino will offer you free spins as a part of a wide variety of different campaigns. Examples of reasons that a casino will give you free spins include:

  • To get you to try new games
  • To reward loyal players
  • To incite you to log in on a certain day
  • To promote a slot they want to make more popular
  • To celebrate a anniversary
  • To increase the chance that a big jackpot will be won in their casino software.

It is very common that the free spins expires if you do not use them on a certain day or a certain week. It s common that casinos offer free spins that are only available if you log in on a certain day each week.