Secure gambling

Almost all online casinos and gambling operators are serious well maintained corporations. There are however also a very low number of more shady individuals and companies operating within the industry. On this page we are going to give you tips on how to avoid rouge casinos and sport books.

The easiest way to avoid getting scammed is to always choose to play with a well established company such as Betsson, Unibet or Mr Green. If you want to register with a new or unknown casino then we recommend that you always investigate the following:

  1. Rouge list: Is the operator on the casinomeister rouge list. If it is they should be avoided.
  2. Payouts: Are the payouts audited by a established, well known and trusted third party. Avoid casinon that doesn’t get audited by a trusted third party. Always investigate the auditor. Some scammers set up fake auditors to seem legit.
  3. Software: Does the company use a software from a well established trusted company such as NetEntertainment or Microgaming. These software developers investigate all companies that want to use their software to make sure they are honest. They also charge a high fee for the use of their software. The fee make it prohibiting form scammers to use their software.
  4. License: Does the operator have a gambling license from a respected jurisdiction? Always verify their license. You should only play with operators that have a license from a jurisdiction that forces them to separate client and company money. An example is Malta. Avoid operators that are licensed in Kahnawake and other less strict jurisdictions.
  5. Bonus: If they offer a bonus that seem to good to be true than it likely is.
  6. Customer Services: Do they offer good customer service. Do they answer your questions quickly. If they do than that is a good sign.
  7. Design: Is the casino well designed. Many rouge casino are poorly made and the design look dated. Avoid all casinos and sport books that look like they where designed in the 90s.
  8. Banking options: How do they let you deposit money. Only gamble at operators that use respected banking alternatives such as VISA, MasterCard and Neteller. Never deposit money to a company that only accept deposits through WesternUnion or Moneygram.

The risk of accidentally registering at a rouge gambling operation is very low. It is still always best to stay vigilant.